Welcome to Bod Library’s new ECO-WING, where reflections on the relationship between humans & the natural world may take form & flight, sowing seeds of insight, light & understanding.

From deep roots to sunward branching stretch, nature’s dance reflects our own, being of the same cloth.

[left: Gita’s Mannequin/ Mirror Challenge.]

Eco-Wing.net may be thought of as having two wings:

~~~# Seeds of Thought, short adventures in eco-logic originally published (2003-2017) in la Voz del refugio (by Friends of Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge), each now with follow-ups here to expand the exploring. (Feel free to browse for topics of interest–or just enjoy the pictures.)

~~~# Betalpha Soup: the abc’s, currently in the following order:
~~~~~Basic Situation (a fresh look at life & living systems);
Aldo Zone (on Aldo Leopold’s life, insights & legacy);
~~~~Conservation: Foundations & Implications (e.g., the nature & role of wild capital).]

[Some pages may be temporarily ‘closed’ for renovation to avoid “early draft overload.” (Check back soon, or, if you’d rather have early draft material than no material, drop us an email for  passwords, c/o bodlibrary2017@gmail.com.)]

If you’re coming from the most recent FLVNWR article, “Beginning with Basics: earth, life and wild capital,” you’ll find an expanded version with follow-up on the Basics page. More or less starting with the nature of planetary life, including its mind-boggling adaptability, diversity, & synergies at multiple scales, orders of magnitude and complexity, evidence for a living earth is now as plentiful and varied as for life on and in earth, found from undersea thermal vents to stratosphere.

Each era in the history of science has opened new lenses on life at different orders of magnitude,  unfolding new insights into communication and connection, the how of things working together. In our time, the impact of human activity on the life of the planet has become increasingly evident, from local habitat and species losses to global climate charging. Even as ecological awareness has continued to grow & spread, along with the power of networks & ability to find practical meaning in big data, the old machineries (fueled by the economics of cost-shifting, externalizing costs to the system as a whole) churn on as if there no tomorrow.

Tomorrow hangs in the balance, from individuals lives and more or less local communities to planetary changes barely imagined yet. The jury is still out on matters of human nature–whether humans as a whole will ultimately prove to be aware stewards or…unable to manage ourselves, our actions & effects. Karma, like the kerf that tends to keep a saw-blade in the groove made, may be just another way of saying that we harvest what we sow. In that case, perhaps “seeds of thought” may become seeds of light, simply illuminating what is.

From Seeds of Thought to ABC‘s (not necessarily in that order), reflection & reality may nourish & inform each other, like yin yang, in & out, self & source, ponderer & wonder, singular part & greater whole, e.g.,  “the environment,” that which both envelops & composes us, being both  around and within, about as basic as we get….

[Continued on the Basics page.]    


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